The Center is devoted to teaching Chinese and disseminating Chinese Culture.

Types of Classes:

1) General Course : individual and group classes.  The student is oriented towards the class appropriate to his language proficiency.
2) Intensive Course : three months a term, especially for students who need visa assistance.  Class classification according to student’s level.


。Equal emphasis is placed on listening, speaking, reading and writing for effective learning.
。Classes are taught by means of direct methods using the Mandarin Phonetic Symbols.
。All instructors are experienced professionals.
。Class rooms are soundproof and air-conditioned.
。The Center is located in 5 minutes walking distance from the Kuting MRT Station (exit 7) and easily accessible from all parts of the city.
。Students can buy textbooks of all levels at the bookstore locating on the first floor of our building.

Teaching Materials:
Basic Conversation, Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, Elementary Chinese Conversation, Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (I-II) and Mandarin Textbook (I-III)
Intermediate Chinese Conversation, Beginner’s Chinese Conversation, Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (III-V),Mandarin Textbook (IV-VI), Chinese Customs and Traditions, Stories from Chinese History, Taiwan Today and Learning Chinese with Newspaper, … etc.
Modern Prose, Reading Novels, Newspapers and Radio Plays , and Newspapers, … etc.
Reading Chinese Classics, Modern and Classical Chinese Literature, Chinese History and Culture, Calligraphy and Writing,… etc.
Class schedule:

1) General Course
‧One session per month, starting at the beginning of each month, Monday to Friday.  2 classes as a learning unit, 50 minutes each class.
‧Class hours : 8.10-10.00, 10.10-12.00, 13.00-14.50, 15.00-16.50, 17.00-18.50,19.00-20.50
‧Students in Individual Classes can choose their class hours indicated above at their convenience.
2) Intensive Course
Three months a term, including spring/summer/autumn/winter four terms. Monday to Friday, at least 15 hours per week.


1) General Course
‧The registration starts from the 20th of each month.
‧Documents for the enrollment :  passport + 1 photo.
‧A level of proficiency test is included in the enrollment.
‧Payment before the course starts (bank transfer or cash by person at our Center)
2) Intensive Course
‧Enrollment documents : 
  1)  One copy of passport
 2)  1 photo
 3)  Financial statement (at least US$5,000 or NT$150,000 )
 4)  Study plan
‧Payment before the course starts (bank transfer or cash by person at our Center)

Tuition fees:
Group Class:NT$300/per unit
2 Student Class:NT$500/per unit
Individual Class:NT$840/per unit
Level testing fee:NT$300
Optional class:NT $1000/per unit(Individual class);NT$500/per unit(group class).
Students are required to pay full tuition for a term at registration.
Students should inform the Center one day in advance in case of absence.

Students of Individual Classes need to inform the Center 2 days before their absence and may request to catch up the class within the same term.


Students, hoping to continue the class, should inform the Center and pay the tuition before the class starts.


No classes are held on national holidays and no tuition fee is required for these days.


Tuition refunds are based on the regulations of the Department of Education of Taipei City Government.


Due to natural disasters, such as typhoons, earthquakes…etc, or other factors beyond control such as power cuts, classes may be suspended based on the 「Suspension of classes and of work」statement issued by the Taipei City Government, and there will be no class for catching up nor  tuition refunds.

Contact information:
Address : 2F, No. 2, Fu Zhow Street, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone : (8862) 2392-1133, ext : 1002/3/4;(8862) 2391-5134
Fax : (8862)2391-2008


No.2, Fu Zou St., Taipei, Taiwan 100, R.O.C. .
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